Friday, April 29, 2016

Poem #32 on this 29th day

Mega Monkey on Our Backs
Noah is more than the story
He has much to say
Than just debate today
There are animals galore
On a distant shore
But how did they get there?
The dinosaurs are mighty hard to ignore
The bones that are dug up from every floor
The ones that study them know much,
Except where did they go?
God spoke and behold the universe in place
Still, scientists are finding new things in space
Was God’s voice the explosion that began
All of this in motion?
It is difficult to discern
Against what we learned
Some want to burn
The opposite theory
Which makes me so weary
I believe God is larger
Than all of this arguing
He doesn’t need the bargaining
It takes faith to believe
In him or not
The anger changes
Not even one small jot

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