Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Poem #31 this month

When life gives you another kick in the head (read job rejection) write a poem!
A Path So Traveled
The walkway up to my front door
is paved with disappointments
Each stone is set in a cement mixture
of fear, anger, and dashed hopes
Somedays all I see is the path
leading to and away from my home
The path doesn’t change
but which direction I head does
When I walk away from the place I love best
it is dark and I cannot see
where I’m headed at all
I want to stay right where I am
And never stray beyond my yard
When I know it leads inside
Safe warm walls that protect
And allow me time to grieve, grow, or groan,
Till the walls close in
And I must open up the door
Then I see a bright path leading out
Into a garden, a new mountain to climb,
Somewhere beyond my little path
That is stuck in the ground
Immovable and there to keep me
Out of the mud and muck
Something to get me
From one place to another
Then I can step down
Stomp down, solid,
And dance away from home
With a new song
Joy washing all the
Desperate, doubtful, dubious, debris away
Making the path safe with no obstacles
To run back and forth on
Without slipping or new injury

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