Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another blast from the past poem

Three men named “Bub”…. Yep, I got lots of nothing tonight! Posting an old poem pulled from a random journal pull off my shelf. From August 2006

Book Bound
I collect experiences on my bookshelf
Dusty and forgotten or neglected
Never read but purchased with great intentions
To excel, succeed, and move beyond
This moment’s notice
To unstick my slow footed soul
From “habitual quick sand”
I pick up a title that particularly
Taunts my sensibilities
Looking over the title page
I find the chapter I most need
Tossing aside an hour I indulge
Playing into advice that
Formulates a new plan of sincere action
I write my list,
Stick it to my fridge
Amongst a sea of witnesses
Favorite photos of my far away family and friends
Tomorrow I shall write them about the plan
That will be forgotten by week’s end
When the book is misplaced or re-shelved
As the action plan is in my way
Of today’s work that has to get done
The books look great to those visitors
Who don’t know me
And have time to kill
They peruse my office
With the many volumes from yesteryear

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