Monday, September 29, 2014

Rainy days bring poetry....

Sonic Tectonic
Cold, slanted rain pelts my window
Like a beaded curtain swinging shut on summer
It is dark.
Blocking all rays reaching towards my memory
Of a lemon filled sky in a Caribbean sea
With white Greek bleached flour sack cloud islands to be visited
The autumn trees make my merry moment in the sun a ghetto
A former shadow of itself and unsubstantial, dark
Your rivers of words about facts and fun
Have become a downpour of abandoned feelings
Over flooding the land of reason
Vacation spots, if there weren’t volcanos popping up everywhere
I hope these are harmless
Dormant and dead with no active lava
Though if one blows,
I will cheer on the rain
To cool off and harden
So we can explore this moonscape
Navigating what is here
Still alive
To thrive after some more time goes by
And the sun returns
To dry reason

Where we stand