Saturday, April 30, 2016

Goodbye poetry month with 2 last ones---#34 & #35!

Not my most profound month of poetry. I just feel so dry and struggle to focus these thoughts. But here are the last two for this month of poetry. Until I write some more next year in April or the random post of a poem, if it is any good, at other times of year.

Chicken Face-Off at Sunset
One solo feathered feature
Sits quietly half cooing and half clucking
Her thoughts out into the deepening twilight
She surveys her tiny fiefdom
From up top of our chicken coop
Tonight she is ready
She guards the yard from dangers
Says our boy to all who ask
I think she is exploring her freedom
And it is fun to have her feathers ruffle
In the night air as the stars struggle
To be noticed from behind the cloud cover
She remembers the day and the two hours
That she is allowed to roam with her sisters
And fellow cooped up conspirators
That competes for bugs, slugs, and other
Creepy crawly delicious delectable
That enhances her diet and entertainment
The sounds she makes now is her satisfied humming
That tells us she doesn’t care to go anywhere
Until we get out the yellow toy shovel
To dislodge her daring
And send her back up the stairs
To what is a forced march
Our warrior chicken
Will face off with us tomorrow
In a match of magnitude
Swelling her chicken pride and heart

Before I Forget Again
I found a message in the bottom of my bag
I wanted a piece of paper
To jot down some thoughts
It was blank on one side
Perfect for that
I unfolded it and inside
The note struck a tone
Of a difficult time
That someone had reached out
On this paper opined
And written contact information
Asking me to write
I have not
I put it in my bag with that intent
Wanted to honor every bit of it
Now, a scrap, waiting for me to remember
I don’t remember what I was going to write down
The moment is gone and it doesn’t matter
I must write now
The note I did not
Before I forget

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