Saturday, April 01, 2017

NaPoWriMo #1 on forgiveness

It is National Poetry Month again! I’m doing the 10 minutes a day write a poem challenge again. Won’t you join me?
I just went and saw a beautiful play on forgiveness at Taproot Theatre Co. called The Evidence of Things Unseen.  And this poem doesn't do it justice, but here it is for better or worse. I think I'm just all cried out tonight.

Forgive or Forget?
Is it the soft middle or the hard sides?
One makes me sink into myself
The other keeps bumping into me
Scraping just enough to draw
Tiny beads of blood
Bubbling up where scratched
Not enough to bandage
The sunken nature of my center
Throws my gravity off
To where I sit, frozen
Unable to gain momentum
Like a very unkind swamp
One step in and my feet are
Sucked down below the surface
I struggle to catch anything to pull me out
There I lie on the bank panting
As it took everything I had to get
Away from here
Onto a safe surface
I stand to be scratched
Just enough to scar this time
I see the road just beyond
The green, rankness
Where I know I’m stuck
And things stick into my exposed places
I run past
Blood flowing
Scrubbed red raw
By dead trees
Walking on the orang dirt
Toes slide along
Tripping on tiny pebbles
But finding another way

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patcegan said...

I like this, pearls in a row, tiny bits of images and wisdom. Nice to meet you. I am trying to explore more blogs as my own usually takes up all my time. hugs, pat