Tuesday, April 11, 2017

NaWriPoMo #15 To Honor My Friend's Boy Today

A dear friend (or someone I hold dear though I don’t know him well) is having a sad day today. It marks an anniversary of someone that can’t be replaced in his life. 
I project of what might be here. I don't know. I just know his step son was autistic and committed suicide. I feel very deeply for his loss even though I never met his step son. I know of him a little through my friend.
It is ad for anyone to commit suicide, but tragic loss of someone that did bring joy to a family. His step son is much missed and I weep with my friend tonight over this horrible loss.

Sad Eyes of Laughing Man
A man I know who has laughing eyes turned sad
They weep for the day it is today
Where a growing almost son that was his
Decided to go and not come back
He was in the bloom of teenhood
He needed to know more
But knew too much
The touch
The taste
The sound
The vision
All of it crashing in, around,
And he felt it pulling him down
He didn’t see how it pulled him up here,
Higher than we could ever go or know,
He felt alone,
Not felt,
Too sour,
Not heard,
Not seen,
He ran down the road
In what seemed black
But light was there
In the man with laughing eyes
Who loved this boy more
Than more could be defined
The man told him,
But the boy didn’t
Feel hugs,
Taste love,
Hear laughter,
See acceptance,
He wanted but left wanting
In that one small moment
That separated the now from the then
The here with eternity
He left a note of goodbye
But it wasn’t enough
For the man wanting more
To be
To hold
To hear
To see
The boy again
Today and always
But never again

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