Thursday, April 06, 2017

NaWriPoMo #8 Ah, Spring!

Every year I end up writing a few about Spring!
Extra points if you get the reference to where the title comes from and possibly why! I know I don't have quite the right picture posted here, but just go with it!

Down the Avenue
I don’t expect pink perfection on drippy days,
Where the haze outlast the clear,
Thinking back to mountain clouds
Sitting like fluffy couch cushions
Above a colored bowl of tulips
Spilled over the pea green grass
Like Easter’s parade for posies
All done up in Nature’s luxurious bonnets
and bows with buckles and bells on
but here sitting looking out my washed windshield
I see this droopy tree
Dotted with puffy pink blossoms
Prancing in the wet
With each drop
Like tiny girls playing puddles
Cheeks glowing
Smiling and beckoning
Us all to join in
Getting wet and winded
While laughing at the storm

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