Sunday, April 16, 2017

NaWriPoMo #23 & #24 Mary and her peeps not "the peeps"

I highlight here a story about Mary Magdalene from the Bible. It is a witness I go back to time and time again to reclaim the wonder of the discovery of my risen Christ. And then I tackled an American tradition for Easter that one of my friends professes a great fondness, no obsession for and I really don’t get it!
Believing in the Here
When I left
He was here
I swear!
I watched them
Place the stone
The seal set
And now broken
He’s gone!
I run to his disciples
It seems like miles
Until my lungs
Are on fire,
I get there
They know
They see
They feel
La PietĂ , Santa Maria della Vita,
terra cotta statues,
by Niccolò dell’Arca, 1462-63
Something is different
They go with me
To find evidence
Of where
He might be
They run
We run
To the tomb
They are faster
There is nothing
To find as the wrapping
is there, but,
He’s gone
They discuss
They curse and cuss
One smiles the other frowns
They leave
Forgetting I’m still there,
Or they don’t care
He’s gone
I weep,
Something deep
Inside breaking
Hard to calm
My lungs, heart, head,
All bursting apart,
He’s gone,
Footsteps crunch,
Probably a soldier,
Forgot his lunch,
Or a grounds keeper
Sent to take care
Around the tomb
He doesn’t care about
My open wound
I cannot stop crying
'Christ Appearing to
Mary Magdalene at the Empty Tomb',
artist unknown
And he can’t give me
What I need
“Plant your seeds
And leave,” I think
And he speaks,
Full stop
Did I hear him?
The one who takes sin?
Am I imagining he’s here?
He’s gone,
I look up
I am struck
It is my Lord
“Teacher!” I cry
I want to die
No, live by
His solid side
He’s not gone!
He is here!
He is here!
He is here!

Poor Peeps Show
Peeps make me gag
I find them really bad
And puzzle over those
That gobble them whole
I like the dioramas
Yes, that is a peeps pizza!
That make drama
From spun sugar and fluff
A funny pastime
that takes up class time
and other stuff
when we could
Make real food
that would be
for the greater good!
I’ve never understood
Where peeps came from?
They aren’t like bread crumbs
Someone had to discover
Marshmallow lovers
Like dyed sugar on top
Makes fans of the stuff pop
And they go crazy for them, man
Nutritionally a very bad plan
Heck, even candy fans,
Find peeps something they can’t stand,
Unnatural neon bunnies and birds,
Yuck! (like little turds)
I admit I think peeps stink,
I don’t care what you think!

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