Tuesday, April 18, 2017

NaWriPoMo #26 My Sick Day Companion

I called in sick today. Instead of my boy going to school as he was supposed to do, he decided he had to “take care of me”. He’s done this ever since I had a really bad car accident last summer.
Every little thing I feel, especially if I’m sick enough to stay in bed, he gets worried. Belligerent and worried is more like it, but I know it comes from a place of love. It just took us parents a while to remember that today.
I think I got it faster than my husband did as it was a difficult day where our son fought hard to stay home and stay right beside me. We finally gave in and let him as that is all that could be done anyway. And the rest of the day was really good once we got past he wasn’t going anywhere.

Being There
A gentle beginning of the day
I gave way to finding rest
Later it looked like a test
As a wanting child discovered
And came to uncover me
Smothering me with his own
Brand of love
He pushed and shoved my feet,
As his special way to greet,
Wanting me to meet today,
He thought he could sway
Me to be at my job,
I felt like a slob
As he prodded me to turn
Towards him
His half shy grin was akin
To bamboo under my nails
I felt wan and pale, quite stale,
This is why I returned to my bed
My head ached
This was a mistake,
As he stayed entrenched,
No one could wrench him
Away from me
And so it should be
He is free to be
Away at school
Where adults think him cool
Instead of sitting here
Showing his care
His invading my space
is how he makes
me aware
that he will always be there
I cannot sway him
That I am not going anywhere
Still he gazes from his chair
So aware of me
In all things that be
This is part of the healing
Another’s presence or being
With someone
When they doubt
Feeling troubled within and without
Or just under the weather
Untethered to all that supports
Who they are
A little nudge from under the covers
A slight struggle
Pushing you out of a warm bed
Forces you to confront instead
This other that needs you
Feeds you
And sees you
As you are
A rising star
Or not
They do not care
As they stare
Big eyes wide
They look inside
And ask if you’ll always
Be there

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