Wednesday, April 19, 2017

NaWriPoMo #27 More Family History Research

Can you tell I'm still helping my son finish his family history project? I did find that great picture of my Daddy tonight. This is how I always picture him. In his clinic, the front part of our house when I was growing up, talking to his patients.

Peering Down Historic Halls
Hopin’, wishin’
Washin’, copin’,
Hauling in the coal,
Rolling in the dough,
Having none at all,
The car constantly stalls,
Where are these places?
Who are these people?
A steeple here,
A grave yet again,
Sifting through,
Backyard, front yards, graveyards,
Wondering what is ours?
Frustration sets in,
Themes of cars, wars, and coal,
Versus professors, ministers, and some on the dole,
A shoe cobbler, banker, a doctor, and pharmacist,
Pop up too in our midst,
Yet we all look
A lot alike
Peering down that long
Hall of history
For my little tyke
I wade through
Try to sew or glue
It all back together
So that he can
Know it better
And tell the next generation
Or two

Dr. M.C. Walton


CindyLou said...

Fabulous! I love this.

Sarah Stillion said...

Thanks so much! No one ever leaves me comments. :)