Monday, April 10, 2017

NaWriPoMo #13 & #14 Super Slope and Family Portraits

#13 Sometimes while I wait in the car or restaurant or between things, I write poetry or snippets of that I finish later. Here is a dashed verse that is what it is. And #14 was my evening helping my son with his school project. (I was pretty grumpy to begin with tonight!)

Sloping Soundlessly Sideways
Relevance reveals reason,
The regular remnant gives room
For other rhythms and rhymes
Of time
The tintinntabulation tinkling
Tap dances on the tin roof
Transposing truth’s teeth
In space
A singular soul sifts
Swift swings sing
Songs that seem silly
Until swans swim
Through reason
Circling sideways
The soul slips
Out of bounds
To bond briefly
With bouncing babes
Who are buoyant
In the big beyond
Bringing peace

Planting the Family Tree
My family tree
Is beyond me
And how it grows
I seldom know
The many names
I can’t explain
It is rough
Not knowing much
My son digs
Though how we live
For a project
I want to dodge it
Not knowing why
We find our way in
To not would be sin
We discover places
Because of faces
Starring back at me
That I’ve never seen
We read stories
It isn’t as boring
As I once thought
(And internally fought)
It has merit
Glad we shared it
To find where we come from
Does make my heart thrum

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