Thursday, April 20, 2017

NaWriPoMo #28 Because of a $2.99 garden rock...

A three dollar rock
I take out of the paper bag
And stare at it
I want it to say something
It has a word etched
On its face
That has challenged me
To a duel out of these doldrums
This space of “noplace”
That threatens to swallow
What I hold dear
Inside and out
About myself
That is my voice
That is my choice
To create
Now I set a date
To pour out the contents
Of my pockets
Searching for meaning
In the treasures
I carry around with me
Seeing they are common
Pieces of everyday stuff
Like fluff that could blow away
If I’m not careful
And I cram it all back in again
After examination
This little rock
A grey greeny-blue reminder
That time marches ever forward
Running away from childhood
Bartering chips to trips on ships
And golden goblets dipped in wine
I haven’t time to give away
The heyday of my youth or otherwise
I hear the rock roll
And rise within
The writhing begins to burn
Away time, the toll for me has rung
And rings, and rallies
That, which is within
The well plums
Where a single bloom
Explodes KABOOM!
With one word
Like the tablets tossed
Down the mountain
The word is aspire

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