Wednesday, April 12, 2017

NaWriPoMo #16 Feeling slow tonight

I was writing this and it occurred to me that the second half----well, the shape looks a little like a snail! If only I knew how to turn it on its side so you could see it better. I hope you can see it. It made me laugh. J

A Snail’s Life for Me
I live the life of a snail
The slow pace
Yet sticking to things
Hauling what is important with me
Crawling inside when threatened
Leaving a trail

And feeling admired by few
Loathed by too many
For just living my life
All I want is a seat
At the table
In the garden
Of my dreams
That will feed me
The rest of my life
Having it within reach
Is where I go inch by inch
Seek out almost every day
Glad my Creator made me
Very happy for those sunny
Not too hot days
I slide along
To a new
Leaf that
Yep, yep
A snail
Is what
I am

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