Monday, April 17, 2017

NaWriPoMo #25 Struggling to stay well

Yeah, I’m not doing so great. I think I caught it at school from a teacher that came every day sick and I work with her twice a day. I just wish it would go away!

Ode to Spring Cold
How does it find me?
It grinds me to a halt
My tracks soppy slow,
And reluctant to go,
The great equalizer
Taking down grown men
Competent women,
And energetic children
Reducing us all to mush
As we call for more soup
And fluffed pillows
Stories and reassurance
That the world cannot
Go on without us
Oh, but it does!
and quite well
Despite our murky hell,
of wallowing in fluid
and sweat where we slip
in and out of our right minds
for this we don’t have the time!
But we make time
To take more
From our stores
To restore ourselves,
Thing named cold
You are bold
You make us hot
Not as you are called
For us you troll
To slay us in our sleep
May this day you keep
Your snotty crown of renown
I want it not!

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