Saturday, April 08, 2017

NaWriPoMo #11 a little justice

Just Us
Justice is it just us?
Who look to the ever open skies?
Cursing the cloud sailing by,
Saying that the issue is clear,
Until a choice between evils appear?
We stamp our feet
Hitting the street
Crying out a rallying cry
We sweat, we swear, we strive,
Weighing if we should “take a dive”?
Carving a deep groove
Stuck in our cramped luge
We lunge down around steep curves,
Avoiding the usual arguments and nerves,
Fights, fits, frustration, and false fears,
Arriving at the finish line, we veer,
Into the winner’s circle
Arms in raised we are encircled
With past, present, and future winners,
They applaud these mere beginners,
Encouraging another well-fought run,
To demand our day in the sun

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