Sunday, April 09, 2017

NaWriPoMo #12 The Boy asks us to choose (again and again)

Our Spring Break was a constant answering what we liked better choice A or choice B from our boy. Often we didn’t really care about either choice, but he insisted on knowing and he’d repeat that same choice 5, 10, 25 times----even if we answered the same with the same reasoning every single time.
And no, he often wouldn’t make a choice himself---he struggles with making choices and reasoning why. Or if he does have an answer to the question he’s posing, we have to struggle it out of him as to what that is and why he thinks it, but he could ask and listen to our answers all day long.
I think that is why the “why” of it is on my brain tonight as I struggle to write a poem.

Choice Voice for the Boy
Which do you like better?
Is the phrase that makes you tethered
to us and our ways
This phrase fill our days
a constant patter of choices
As you proclaim in voices
demanding, determined, but never derisive,
You ask what our slice is of
this portion of riches
and how our fit is
To be here
with no fear
going in and out of days
With no script to this play
a kind of improv
That is our job
To help you answer
in your mind stir
that which you shy from
So you might become
ready to say
What you like today

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