Wednesday, April 05, 2017

NaWriPoMo #7 Those surprise socks

Yes, this was my evening. Is it a wonder that I ever fold laundry?

Newborn Heart Sock
The family’s laundry doesn’t usually startle
My memories or thoughts that seem gone
An occasional T-shirt won as a participation prize
Or marking a remarkable vacation spot
But I don’t linger over these things a lot,
As when I do fold our outer wares,
I am often unaware of what it is in my hands
The shape and size slip by into the piles
On automatic pilot
Not bothering to land
Tonight I was jolted
By a teeny tiny sock
Such a shock
Because at this moment
There hasn’t been a baby
In our house for a decade
Yet somehow this made
It’s way into a recent basket
Sitting there waiting for discovery
By me
I held this tiny stripped time capsule
Feeling softened by its presence
Wondering why now it appeared
Where had it been?
I didn’t want to know
Being it was a sock,
It probably escaped
From the distant desert isle
Where lost socks are marooned
It dug its way through the earth
With a spoon
To me
And it was looking to be useful
Remembering our family
That we had a baby’s foot
To keep warm, out of soot
And grime or mud
It didn’t know that
The baby grew and grew
Until he flew into existence
Circumstances have favored
His getting smarter by day
And taller by night
Until no baby here
For me
A tiny, single tear
Slid down my face
As I didn’t want to erase
This sock’s purpose
To put forward
What was not
What is
What was
And where we are now?
Another baby was thought
To come
But that was fraught
With tangles a plenty
And those children
Are on their own lost isle
All the while,
Never far from my heart
I smoothed the sock
It felt now like a rock
I kissed it for visiting
And put it in a give-away bin
So it can find another family
And I can give them
An extra tiny sock
As they are always getting lost
I will give this heart sock
From me

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