Tuesday, April 04, 2017

NaWriPoMo #6 Snakes

My head is pounding and after I post this I’m headed to bed. My son is discussing snakes with my husband and how I don’t like them. So, I rattled this off. My son is fun to listen to. He just asked if there are any snakes that are not poisonous that might constrict their prey. He doesn’t understand why I’m not fascinated by them like he is. In fact, I really don't like snakes at all.

Snake Diatribe
Snakes are not something I think about
And they probably don’t think about me either
I am as an oddity to them as they are to me
I think they look slimy
But, I’ve been told they are not
To them I might look tasty
But I doubt I would be
So maybe, I should learn more
About that I don’t think of
Because what I see
And what is
Doesn’t match
Perhaps, I could
Learn the truth
Of what is
So that I won’t assume
That I don’t like snakes
I’ve said I’d never own one as a pet
Or pet one if it was near
The thought makes me quiver
But I’ve friends that own them
And laud them
Telling me that they are wonderful
Maybe, I should listen to what
You are saying about snakes
And I’ll understand more
About who you are
The snake lover in my life

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