Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Shoring Up Grace

This poem is about a lot of things right now I’ve been going through and yet about my past also. Things I’m always learning. Written 11/5/2013 after a tough rehearsal night with a new script.

I am so aware of what is hers and what I’ve created around it
The shaky form that held within its promise
I was drawn to it, barely knowing what it was
All I knew is that I wanted back in
I wanted to return to doing
To being a part of a family
That I’d dropped out
Become a distant visiting soul
Dancing on the fringes
Of a group of people
I admired
So I waited to come
To hold again a map
Returning me down that road
With bumps and winding
Meanders past deep lakes
That I dive into with eyes
That cannot see past
My own nose
In I plunge
This time over my head
Drowning in words, limits, and love
Struggling in the undertow of dramatic construct
Deconstructing what is there to layer over top
A canvas to make this boat to sail
Fast across that lake
Not weighted down to sink
On the bottom
To skim slick across the top
To get somewhere
I get out at the other shore
Walk down an unknown path
To a golden sun
Burning hot against those hills
Rising emerald green gems
To turn dark blue with cold
As the sun downs behind them
Leaving me alone
Look up, you say
She is gone
Above you are the points far off
That say you are not alone
That guides the boat
Who brought you to the path?
Gave wind to fill the sail
Warmed by the sun and marked it
Going out behind what seemed so green
And then silent black blue
And you were frightened in that silence
Until you turned your eyes away from the depths
Or the storm
Or the path
Above you is an expanse
That goes on and on and on
There is no limit
To the gift of grace given in this moment

You are not ever alone