Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Frustration Poems

I haven't posted anything of late and I have always been a frustrated poet. Here is today's quick entry on that note.

Perpetual Pea Soup Ponderings
The daily fog outside
Matches me inside these days
And nights reaching for something
That runs far in the distance
An outline of something
I can’t quite make out
Seeing it there in shadow
Through a white translucent curtain 
floating, yet thick enough
Not to know where to go
I nearly run into it
Looming before me
It was there all along
Not what I wanted to find
When will this fog lift?
So I can see things clearly

I wonder and wander alone

And this poem I wrote a couple of
years ago. I know the picture isn't Tiger Lillies, but just imagine. (See the fog behind the flowers and you will get my state these days).

Tiger Lilly Turmoil     
I buy myself flowers now,
You used to bring them to me,
You never question the occasional bright bouquet
I pick up while running errands
To provide some sort of comfort or inspiration into my ordinary existence
Not a secret lover’s flaunt you surmise
You glance and say nothing
They greet us standing soldier silent on the kitchen table
Exotic, fragrant, and bright
How I used to seem
They remind me of what I’ve lost for you
I must to you look like the wilted bunch that lingers at the end of the week
Too good to throw out, but not fresh enough to celebrate
Is there room for new growth?
Not in dry bunches stuck in water that greys with time
I’d rather dig a hole and dive into the ground
Overwintering the frozen storms
Until spring awakens me once more
To emerge reaching skyward  forever bright
returning each spring to bloom once more.