Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year/New You on the horizon

I always say I'm not going to fall for it, but the idea of 365 new days that are open to anything it always gets the best of me. I want to resolve to be better, do better, and make life long habits go away in an easy instant. I sit here wanting the most for little effort, but I know that more effort brings more result. So my heart sings the song tonight it does every January first of resolving to make this the year I work the most, do the most, and rejoice the most. Ah, but if you look at my last entry you will see I do this nearly every day of the year, on paper at least.

If I don't do the most, may I love the most and do better at giving of what I have to those that don't have. I think that is the best new year's resolution I can make without feeling guilty about it all. May this be a blessed year of giving and seeing what there is to give and to take less so that I may rejoice more personally and publically.